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Why We Exist

We inspire spirited Coloradans to passionately Live out their boldest Dreams.

Our Mission

We expertly assist you in moving into a new phase in your life.

Our Promise

We provide the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.


We inspire spirited Coloradans to passionately
Live out their boldest Dreams.


We expertly assist you in moving into a new phase in your life.


We provide the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.

New Westside Old Colorado City Townhomes

New Westside Old Colorado City Townhomes

SPECIAL PRE-BUILD PRICING! $299,900 Base Price Promontory Rock Grove Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905 TO BE…

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Brand New 2 Story Near UCCS

Brand New 2 Story Near UCCS

$309,900 Base Price 3756 Scott Lane Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 We will build just for…

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Glenn Heights Development

Glenn Heights Development

$554,900 2226 Glenn St Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904 Fully entitled Westside subdivision with incredible Pikes…

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Rob and Lauren did an excellent job at finding my family a home to buy. They are very organized and motivated! They made sure to meet our list of needs and wants for a home. They made the process easy and worry-free. Lauren and Rob are the best for selling and buying! - Sarah Piccioni, 2016

Sarah Piccioni, 2016

I just moved here from a Caribbean island, so the thought of buying a house was kind of intimidating. But I had a very positive experience with Rob. He’s a real honest and open guy. Easy to talk to. Open-minded. A good listener. At first, Rob didn't really know me that well so he was showing me houses in a neighborhood that was kind of upscale with a lot of families and young people. It was a beautiful area, but I'm retired, so I wouldn't have felt comfortable there. I just let him know that up front, and he didn't take offense or anything. That's when we really started talking about what I wanted. I let him know what I wanted, and he went with it. And I found my place! We got it done quickly. I thought it would take longer to find what I needed, but Rob knew what I wanted. It took about eight weeks from when I started looking to when I closed. I just fell in love with it when I walked in here. I thought, "This is it." It's so different from anything I've had I've ever had. It's very, very open. It was built in 1985 but it looks modern -- minimalistic and angular with super high ceilings. The location is perfect. I was a little worried about getting all the paperwork into the bank on time, but Rob picked a really good guy that closed in a hurry. Rob made a spreadsheet for me with all of the deadlines and stuff on it, so I knew what was going on. He gets things done. He's flexible, available, and friendly. I highly recommend him. - Kathy Bill, 2016

Kathy Bill, 2016

Lauren helped me step by step through my home purchase process from an out of state owner. While on vacation, she even met with the owner in Arizona to explain the contract and get it signed. The contract needed to be amended three times and she took care of everything. Lauren's fees were very reasonable. Highly recommend her and Rob. - Andy Green, 2016

Andy Green, 2016



Honest Communication at in a Timely Fashion

We make it easy to get superior market information when you need it most. Our expert negotiation advice plus prompt, honest responses ensure that you find the right home, when it’s right for you. We work hard to understand your needs, reduce stress, and help you make decisions that are right for your family, not for anyone else.


Best-in-Class Service without a Better-Than-You Attitude

Selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult. We take a unique Value-Driven Approach to selling real estate. Unlike ego-driven agents who risk your profit with minimal attention to detail, our strategies are centered solely on you and your needs. We apply proven investment principles and premium marketing services to perfect your selling experience.


Expert Advice You can Count on to Negotiate Winning Contracts

We believe you deserve contracts that meet or exceed your priorities. When you work with Lauren and Rob, you have control over your negotiating process. Our clients get deals that achieve their most important goals. And with good contracts you can maximize profit, minimize risk, and move smoothly into your new dream home.


Better For Selling

We offer sellers a strategic way to attract better offers faster.

Strategic guidance designed to achieve your specific goals
14 point Real Estate Diagnosis to maximize value
Honest, thoughtful advice on your property sale
Exclusive access to the most effective marketing technology

Better For Buying

We offer more personalized service so you can find the perfect home and understand the home buying process.

Up front consultation focused on Your Needs
No-pressure environment
Expert, caring guidance on your home purchase
Exclusive buyer agent representation


We’ll walk you through the real estate process to help you move from one home to the next with ease and peace of mind.



Prepare your home so it will sell for the highest profit.



Make your equity work for you in your home sale.



We help you have fun finding the perfect home.



Close the sale and begin life in your new home!

Meet Lauren and Rob


Lauren Collier


Rob Hoben

The Power Is In Your Hands

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