Why We Exist

We inspire spirited Coloradans to passionately Live out their boldest Dreams.

Our Mission

We expertly assist you in moving into a new phase in your life.

Our Promise

We provide the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.


We inspire spirited Coloradans to passionately
Live out their boldest Dreams.


We expertly assist you in moving into a new phase in your life.


We provide the expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication you truly need when making a move.

When you’re going through the stresses of trying to buy a house and you’re spending a lot of money, you really want someone like Rob. He got back to us whenever he knew something. He called us on a Sunday, because he knew we were anxious and waiting. We knew that if we hadn’t heard anything from him, there wasn’t anything to hear. He’s a super nice guy. If he didn’t know something, he would check it out and get back to us. We really appreciated that. Buying a house is a very stressful time for a lot of people. Not knowing what’s happening and not being able to get a hold of your realtor can be stressful. But Rob was always available. He cared about his job and working with people. Rob makes sure he takes care of you. He cares about making sure you get the home that you want. He’s just a really good realtor. – Carla Smith, 2015
Carla Smith, 2015
Lauren is awesome. She is very professional. Always prompt. She mimicked my sense of urgency, but not in a pushy way. She’s really smart, was realistic about how my house would sell, and gave good advice about what to fix or not fix. She had a great photographer. She put together a video to show the house. The technology she used for scheduling showings was really cool, and sending documents via e-mail that I could sign on send back on my phone made things really easy. My house was only on the market for 5 days and I had a full offer. She’s helpful in little ways, too. She had extra boxes that she brought over to help me move stuff out of my house. Sometimes people say to go with a realtor you already know to save on realtor fees … well, Lauren is worth every penny of those fees. – E. Murphy, 2015
E. Murphy, 2015
Rob and Lauren are very personable. They’re not just running through the motions. They are honest and enthusiastic. Rob is the most eager and energetic person I’ve ever met in my life. He was great! I would consider him a friend at this point. At one point we were thinking about renting our house out, and Lauren went above and beyond to help us think it through. If we ever had a question, Rob would find the answer instantly. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find out or consult with Lauren. Rob got anything done that needed to be done very quickly. If we buy or sell in the future, we will 100% use them. – Matt Garza, 2015
Matt Garza, 2015



Honest Communication at in a Timely Fashion

We make it easy to get superior market information when you need it most. Our expert negotiation advice plus prompt, honest responses and we’ll make sure you find the right home, when it’s right for you. We work hard to understand your needs, reduce stress, and help you make decisions that are right for your family, not for anyone else.


Best-in-Class Service without a Better-Than-You Attitude

Selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult. We take a unique Value-Driven Approach to selling real estate. Unlike ego-driven agents who risk your profit with minimal attention to detail, our strategies are centered solely on you and your needs. We apply proven investment principles and premium marketing services to perfect your selling experience.


Expert Advice You can Count on to Negotiate Winning Contracts

We believe you deserve contracts that meet or exceed your priorities. When you work with Lauren and Rob, you have control over your negotiating process. Our clients get deals that achieve their most important goals. And with good contracts you can maximize profit, minimize risk, and move smoothly into your new dream home.


Better For Selling

We offer sellers a strategic way to attract better offers faster.

Strategic guidance designed to achieve your specific goals
14 point Real Estate Diagnosis to maximize value
Honest, thoughtful advice on your property sale
Exclusive access to the most effective marketing technology

Better For Buying

We offer more personalized service so you can find the perfect home and understand the home buying process.

Up front consultation focused on Your Needs
No-pressure environment
Expert, caring guidance on your home purchase
Exclusive buyer agent representation, Free to you


We’ll walk you through the real estate process to help you move from one home to the next with ease and peace of mind.



Prepare your home so it will sell for the highest profit.



Make your equity work for you in your home sale.



We help you have fun finding the perfect home.



Close the sales and begin life in your new homes!

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