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As a buyer you need your own agent.
Rob is our Buyer’s Agent who will represent YOUR needs and interests in the transaction. Rob says, “My vision is to provide you with the ideal journey for you and your family as we find that perfect home. Throw away your ideas of real estate brokers as pushy salesmen rushing you to buy quick. There are many out there, but not here at Live Dream Colorado. Lauren’s and my success has grown annually because we care about your personal journey – what you value and what you envision for your new home. We WILL make your dreams come true. DO NOT SETTLE. Do not rush. I will find you the right home, when the time is RIGHT FOR YOU and your situation – not a house you like, but a home you can’t live without! It is out there – we will find it.”
The seller’s agent represents the seller’s interests. Make sure to have an experienced buyer’s agent representing you!
Our personalized homefinder service is free to you! We search the MLS to find that home you have dreamed about for years. Are you ready start looking for perfect home for your family, the right investment to reach your goals? Rob will help you take that vision and turn it in to a reality. Rob does not want you to settle for a home you like. Rob believes it is crucial to find the home unique to you and your situation, that you have envisioned, that you absolutely LOVE! We will find it. We will get you the home you desire. Keep your expectations high! Do not rush. DO NOT SETTLE.
When you Buy with Us, the Power is in Your Hands. You will never be surprised about contract deadlines or costs and fees. We begin the home shopping process with education so you’ll be confident throughout the process. You have the Power in YOUR Hands!
For expert guidance in Showings, Contracts, and Closing, contact Rob today!

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