I wanted to be closer to where my son lives, and my son and I had a very specific area in mind. Lauren and Rob were very accommodating and very sweet. I’ve moved many times in my life and have had many realtors, and some will take you around and you walk in the front door and you think, “Really? You’re showing me this?” and you don’t take two steps further. Some realtors want to offload houses that are really bad. A lot of realtors can be very heavy-handed and try to sell you, but Lauren and Rob are relaxed and let you decide. They let you walk through and make your choices. They were very honest and forthright and have a lot of energy. They’re friendly, genuine, nice people. Very comfortable to be around. Always smiling. They’re willing to make everything go smoothly. Whatever I needed was handled. I’ve been widowed for a long time. When you’re old and widowed you feel a little vulnerable, so it was nice to have someone I could trust. They were A+. – Happy Buyer, 2016

No matter what house I wanted to look at, no matter what time of day, Rob would make it happen. I was so annoying with it, and it was hard to work along with our schedules, but he helped us find the right place. And we looked at a lot of places, too. We fixed up our house a lot when we moved in. Rob hooked us up with all these phone numbers, and we found some good people to do the work. Even with random questions about my water heater, I’ll text Rob and ask “Who should I call?” And he’ll help me out. He’s a really nice guy. He’s easy to get along with. He won’t pressure you into getting something you don’t want. – Becky Fennel, 2016

Lauren was phenomenal to work with. I felt like she was a partner. I felt like she was a friend helping me sell my house, rather than a professional I just hired in to do a job. She is proactive, helpful, and thoughtful. She would give us things to work on. She wouldn’t hold back or sugar coat things just because we didn’t want to hear it. As sellers, you’re very tied to your home. You have a lot of emotion invested in it. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear there are things you need to improve or change before you leave. It was really helpful to have that list of items – what we can work on now, what we need to think about, and what we don’t need to pay attention to. It helped us feel more prepared to sell our house. This was our first home. It was ours. We were the first owners. So there was some element of sadness selling it. But we also knew of the buyer and knew her story a little bit. It was nice to pass our first home down to another family. It was a mom and her son, a military family first coming to town. We wanted to help them have a good start in the city with a new home.

Lauren made the process seamless. She told us exactly what to expect and gave us very realistic timelines. She helped us with the deadlines and set reasonable expectations all throughout the process. I felt really prepared and knew, more or less, what was going to happen. It sold within two weeks. I think it was 10 days, officially. We closed within about 30 days. A lot of that is credit to Lauren. She did a really great job marketing our home. She put it in front of the right audiences. She took a lot of time to get quality photos of our house – and she gave us a list of things to fix before she even did the photos. You look at the photos and you think, “This is a nice home. I want to live here!” She was very good at communicating, checking in, seeing how we were doing, asking us if we had any questions. She was incredibly knowledgeable about her job, very smart about the market, and very strategic about her marketing and how she was going to tell our house’s story. I think it’s helpful that Lauren is really involved in the community. She knows how to target her marketing. She knows what will be key selling points in the description. She understands the buyers and the sellers. I would recommend Lauren in a heartbeat. I wish I had a Lauren in Denver. – Alyssa Parker, 2016

My buying experience was exemplary. Rob was energetic, attentive, and very responsive. He put a lot of energy into our quest to buy a house. The hardest part was taking the very first step, making the decision to buy a home. After that, it was easy. Rob is knowledgeable about the industry and the market here, and that’s really important. He was very careful to keep us informed. He followed through with everything he said he was going to do. Rob did everything to absolute perfection. When the inspector was there, he was there. He was there for all our phone calls and all our first-time home-buyer questions. He’s also very good about aftercare. So once you buy a house with him, he’ll help you with things you wouldn’t even think about. You get letters with offers and things like that, and he’ll tell you it’s bogus or not. He’s an all around go-to guy. I’m so happy to have this house. I love watching it become our home. It’s ours! I even like my stupid popcorn ceiling. – E. Anderson, 2016

I had another realtor before Lauren, and the house didn’t sell for more than a year. When that contract was over, I hired Lauren. And it sold like that. She had someone take pictures that looked really good in the ad. I had it listed at a price, and Lauren got it sold for $2,000 over that price. It didn’t even take a month. She sold the place right away. – Happy Seller, 2016

Rob was perfect. It was a new process for me. It had been a long time since I had looked for a house on my own, without a husband or anything like that. Rob was very kind, very patient, very accommodating as far as meeting me for paperwork. He always gave me options. He would give me option A, B, and C, and tell me all about them. I really appreciated that. – Happy Buyer, 2016

Rob and Lauren were extremely professional and approachable. Lauren was very honest about improvements we needed to do in order to sell our condo. She had great references to help find trustworthy inspectors, painter and a handyman who helped get things done for us with short notice. Rob, as well  as Lauren, were both very friendly and communicated very well either in person, over the phone, email or text. There was even an occasion when we ran into a small hiccup and Rob contacted us by phone while he was on a weekend getaway, which was suppose to be family time. We appreciated his attentiveness to our issue and really was not expecting for him to go out of his way, as it could’ve waited until he returned. Both very good negotiators who explained everything in a manner that we could fully understand. Very trustworthy and highly recommended. I have had loved ones who have experienced quite the difference in their home buying/selling and only wish these two could have done the job (this was just before their time). If we ever had to do any home transactions, we would call them with no reservation! – Jennifer & Eddie Matte, 2016

Lauren was able to get us an appraisal higher than any other realtor. She does it based on your house – how individual it is when compared to all the others. You can have a similar house right next to you, but if you put $50,000 worth of stuff inside, Lauren makes sure the appraiser recognizes that. We interviewed five realtors, and all the other realtors said, “This is what has been selling in your neighborhood. You’re not going to get over this amount.” Lauren was able to get about $64,000 more than any other realtor. She gave us a copy of a book she wrote about buying and selling homes. It was very helpful. We read it before we even interviewed her. In the book there’s a part about how she appraises homes – how it’s about the value not the comps.

One of the things she did that was so impressive was having a guy come in with a drone. The pictures she took and the layout she did was unbelievable. It was better than any we saw on the internet for selling other people’s homes. It was amazing. Lauren also had some kind of link where you could go in and see statistics – how many people looked at your house and what their comments were. And if she didn’t get feedback, she’d press people for some. That link was really, really good. She’s very, very thorough. If I were to ever sell another home, she would be the first on my list.

Rob helped us buy a new home. He was such a gentleman. So professional and accommodating. We’d say, “We need to look at another one.” And he was right there and would say, “Whatever you’ve got to do.” He’s the most pleasant individual. He helped to point out things, making sure we looked at important things. He found very good inspectors. He stayed on top of things. He got back to us. He’s very thorough. We’ve recommended him many, many times. – Sheila and Mike, 2016

Rob is a hard worker. He’ll get the job done. He was always working around our schedule, and we really appreciated him for that. It mattered to him to find us a home that we would love. He made us feel comfortable. He was really nice. I would recommend Rob to anyone buying a house. – Carla Lizama, 2015