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We worked with multiple realtors in the past. None were as persistent or motivated as Rob, so we never found anything. Before working with Rob, we lost a house we really wanted because the realtor didn’t put the deal in until the next day and it was too late. With Rob, as soon as we found something we liked, he’d set up a showing or put an offer on it. He was always responsive and would get back to us within an hour. He was motivated. If I said “look at this place” he would have a showing set up right away. He would always fit us in, even though he was busy. – S. Chappell, 2017

Lauren and Rob make everything super easy. It can be stressful buying and selling a house – investing that much money. It’s extremely important to have someone qualified to help you out in taking a huge step forward in your life. I talked to a couple of other realtors before Lauren and Rob. I’m very picky when working with people. I want them to be competent and intelligent and ready to work. I knew pretty much instantly when I talked with Rob on the phone that he was a go-getter. I talked to another realtor who sounded like she had just gotten up and who showed up late to the first showing. So when I talked to Rob, it was a wrap. Lauren’s experience was pretty noticeable, too. I trusted her to make the right decision about who I should sell the property to. I had multiple offers so I could choose who to sell it to. I ended up choosing the right person. I definitely made a profit off of it. It was a good turn. I was in Texas most of the time I was selling my condo in Colorado. Lauren pretty much handled everything I couldn’t do. The condo had people living in it – it was being rented out – so she was able to find someone to clean it out. She found someone to make necessary repairs. She even found a storage unit. She went above and beyond. Lauren and Rob are awesome! - D. Arellano, 2017

Rob and Lauren did an excellent job at finding my family a home to buy. They are very organized and motivated! They made sure to meet our list of needs and wants for a home. They made the process easy and worry-free. Lauren and Rob are the best for selling and buying! - Sarah Piccioni, 2016

I just moved here from a Caribbean island, so the thought of buying a house was kind of intimidating. But I had a very positive experience with Rob. He’s a real honest and open guy. Easy to talk to. Open-minded. A good listener. At first, Rob didn't really know me that well so he was showing me houses in a neighborhood that was kind of upscale with a lot of families and young people. It was a beautiful area, but I'm retired, so I wouldn't have felt comfortable there. I just let him know that up front, and he didn't take offense or anything. That's when we really started talking about what I wanted. I let him know what I wanted, and he went with it. And I found my place! We got it done quickly. I thought it would take longer to find what I needed, but Rob knew what I wanted. It took about eight weeks from when I started looking to when I closed. I just fell in love with it when I walked in here. I thought, "This is it." It's so different from anything I've had I've ever had. It's very, very open. It was built in 1985 but it looks modern -- minimalistic and angular with super high ceilings. The location is perfect. I was a little worried about getting all the paperwork into the bank on time, but Rob picked a really good guy that closed in a hurry. Rob made a spreadsheet for me with all of the deadlines and stuff on it, so I knew what was going on. He gets things done. He's flexible, available, and friendly. I highly recommend him. - Kathy Bill, 2016

Lauren helped me step by step through my home purchase process from an out of state owner. While on vacation, she even met with the owner in Arizona to explain the contract and get it signed. The contract needed to be amended three times and she took care of everything. Lauren's fees were very reasonable. Highly recommend her and Rob. - Andy Green, 2016

Rob was so professional and on top of everything. He’s so good. He’s very gung-ho. He set it up so I would automatically get an e-mail any time a house was added in the area I was looking and in my price range. The process was so easy and straightforward. Rob was really good about staying on top of the deadlines. I’m so busy, I don’t have time for that. But Rob took care of it. He helped me understand how much lower we could go since we were doing a cash offer. There was another buyer and our offer was lower, but since ours was cash, we got it. Rob helped me stay in the range where could offer a lower price and still get it even if there was another offer at full price. – Mary Lynne Ashley, 2016

Everything was really great. We've known Lauren for some time now, and we couldn't have asked for anything better. The experience was really great and quick. She marketed everything well, did thorough research, and was very professional. We sold and then bought. Lauren took care of everything selling the house and Rob did a great job with the purchase. He was very patient. - Tim & Kelle, 2016

Rob was awesome. He was very personable. He was very professional, but at the same made you feel welcome, like he was your friend. He drops what he’s doing at the drop of a hat. He’s there if you call him or e-mail him. He’s very persistent. He’s super respectful. We set a closing date for about 60 days out to do what was best for both parties. We were waiting on our lease to end and the sellers were moving to Japan. But Rob got it scheduled and everything done real quick. We had the closing date set within the first week of working with him. The inspector Rob used was really good. The whole experience was good. Rob does a really good job. - Ben Davis, 2016

Lauren and Rob are friendly, professional, good at what they do, and sold my house quick. They presented our house well. They put up nice pictures online. We fixed the house up beforehand and priced it to sell. We sold the house in about 10 days. - Dustin H., 2016

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